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  • Greetings all!  I'm hoping to take this exam next month - (have been doing IT for about 20 years but never touched a Microsoft exam before!) - about 3 years programming experience with the Microsoft stack.

    Am using the official Microsoft study guide as well as for my resources....what resources are you using?

  • wow, i think i was taking the long route; through MVA tutorials on C# and A Text book; Beginning Visual C# 2012 programming.

  • Hi Steve,

    Hope you are doing well. I want to go for 98-361 exam. Request you to please let me know from where i can get the preparation material for 98-361 exam.

    Thanks in advance.



  • Hi Steve,

    please don't forget to share your impressions and thoughts after the Exam. I am particularly interested if the wikiversity source is enough to pass?



  • Hi Steve, here after the ALM one, any ideas on how to find those? (496/497/498) within Wikiversity, that is?

    Thanks for your time... (Will keep the 361 handy, may need it if they want me to take the MTA too)

  • Hi all,

    that's good question Sebastian, I am interested too. Do we ned anything else except wikiversity? There is a lot of material on wikiversity.

  • Has anyone here written the exam yet.  Hopefully the Microsoft book and wikiversity will be enough for this!!!

  • Hi Steve,

    I also found some materials on  Microsoft Virtual Academy

  • Hi all, How can I choose the language c# or VB registering through Prometric? Should I Call?

  • See:

  • Hello Steve, a lot of the material at the link you provided is no longer available.  Most of the time you are re-directed to a visual studio download page.

  • Hi Jose.

    You'll be asked to choose the Language at the beginning of the exam.

  • I just took the exam and passed, though not with flying colors.  To prep, I went through the c# for absolute beginners on Microsoft Virtual Academy, went through video training for the series, and also purchased a practice test at  Oh, and I've also been a web developer for about 3 years now.

    My impression is that the test is hard.  There were questions that I didn't expect.  I didn't know about the wiki until I saw this forum, so not sure how beneficial it is, though I would suspect that it is.

    Good Luck.

  • hello srasberry00

    please visit this link

  • Like @Steve, my favorite resource is

    Someone mentioned broken links in this content but I'm not seeing that.