Study Materials for Exam?

  • Will Microsoft, or anyone really, be releasing materials to help study for this exam?

    I've tried to look online for articles, white papers, etc., on the topics not covered in previous exams (70-463, 70-466), but I'm not having any luck.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to help pass this exam?


  • MS Learning has course 20467 We are looking at recorded prep session or a Learning Plan but have not finalized a plan for self-study.

  • Will the recorded prep session be something available online (for free) and is there a timeframe for when it might be ready?

    If you need a test dummy, I'll be glad to help :-).



  • This is an updated link to Course Outline for Course20467

    I am still awaiting a Training Kit for the Course or recorded prep session as mentioned.

  • kindly, Reminder.

    We need specific date, when to finish.

  • hi see this sit


    exam questions ,

  • Have you tried seeing something in Microsoft Virtual Academy