I hate this exam

  • Should be part of the BI track not data platform.

    Just airing out my grievances. Thanks for listening!

  • Finally passed, the 70-463 Book helped a lot.

  • I have to agree, I'm one of three DBAs not one of our 15 strong BI / MI team

  • The exam is designed to give you a minimal background in the new BI features and operation of SSIS and the design of DW databases. While it may seem outside the scope of DBA it really is not, the proper installation and setup of these BI features is the role of the DBA. I found that the background of these features is needed if you want to run your SQL infrastructure to the optimal level. Yes the exam is harder than the other two but having sufficient background in the BI features will help you to work with dedicated BI teams.

    The role of the DBA is changing and one is ahead of the pack if they have the knowledge and skills needed for the new paradigms. You can never know enough in the IT world.  In retrospect the new three exams requirement for MCSA SQL 2012 is a good choice. Passed this on Friday 5/26 picking up my MCSA. And yes working through the 70-463 self paced training is a definite must.

  • I agree.  This test is telling DBAs that unless your company uses these tools you are no longer worthy of certification.  You can pass this with the training material but I thought the point was that we needed to be experienced in these technologies to gain certification.   Stop drinking the koolaid, not all companies are using these tools and this test should not be part of this certification.  There is value in being a certified relational DBA but it appears that MS does not think so. This test is BI and belongs there.

  • Congrats ,

    i'm passing this exam next month ,

    any types fro the questions and what to look out for

    thanks in advance