70-461: XML Knowledge

  • Hello,

    I have a question regarding XML knowledge needed for  the certification. I have no real-world experience with it, so started studying through the official Training Kit. Something is not clear to me: Do I need to know how to write any XML strings from the scratch? Or knowing its structure and main concepts are enough (Elements, Attributes,namespaces,XSD etc). Aside from knowing OPENXML, FOR XML formatting etc.


  • Greetings Graciano, I've taken the test once, didn't pass… currently studying for it.  I for one was surprised with how many XML q's there were on the test.  Concepts and recognition of the elements is crucial… I'm sure other forums can help you out quite a bit in answering your question… this forum is quite dry when it comes to traffic.  Try sqlservercentral or stack overflow..

  • Graciano, have you looked at chapter 7 of the training kit yet?  What do you think of it, lots of vocabulary memorization… it's going to take me a few reads through before I'm comfortable with it.

  • G'day Guys

    I passed the exam in December and was also surprised about the number of XML questions  - 5 in my case. I think the training kit does a good job of explaining what the required skills are but these should be reinforced by practical experimenting to make sure you understand the different ways to query the data.

    I initially brushed over this section and thought to myself... oh that's nice, as I have never needed to design a system to store large blocks of XML and have it directly queried via my DAL before. Luckily I changed my mind two days before the exam.

    I hope this helps


  • I have seen a lot of people mentioning about XML. It is new for me.

  • Prat, it is pretty easy. After you write a select statement either put FOR XML AUTO or FOR XML RAW and your results come back in XML form. There is also FOR XML EXPLICIT and FOR XML PATH. But that is beyond the scope of what you need.

  • Thanks, John for short and clear explaination. Will post list of new things.