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688: Supporting Windows 8.1

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Microsoft Certification PREP Talk: Exam 688

In this episode of Prep tips from certification experts, James Seymour, Senior Product Planner, and Joey Snow, Senior Technical Evangelist, discuss the relevancy of the skills being measured on Exam 688. 

1  Design an Installation and Application Strategy

1.1  Design an operating system installation strategy


1.2  Design an application strategy for desktop applications

1.3  Design an application strategy for cloud applications

1.4  Design a solution for user settings

2  Maintain Resource Access

2.1  Design for network connectivity

2.2  Design for remote access

2.3  Design for authentication and authorization

2.4  Manage data storage

2.5  Manage data security

3  Maintain Windows Clients and Devices

3.1  Manage hardware and printers

3.2  Manage mobile devices

3.3  Design a recovery solution

3.4  Manage endpoint security


4  Manage Windows 8 Using Cloud Services and Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack

4.1  Manage clients by using Windows Intune

4.2  Manage public cloud services

4.3  Monitor and maintain clients by using MDOP

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  • MSPartnerMattyB

    Please be advised that this exam has now significantly changed. The new sections are:

    1. Support Operating System and Application Installation

    2. Support Resource Access

    3. Support Windows Clients and Devices

    Please can you update this page and add resources for the new sections? There is now a complete emphasis on Windows 8.1, not Windows 8.