Anything Available for 70-687

  • Does any one have any valuable study material for 70-687? I have the exam ref for 8.1 (read it cover to cover twice), I have a Kaplan self test that isn't updated to 8.1, I have done TechNet labs to the point I no longer need the instructions to complete the labs and have watched all Microsoft Virtual Academy videos on 8.1, with all of that I have failed the exam 2 times. One more fail and I lose my job I am new to IT. Does any one have anything that can provide insight? I know there is a book coming out that touches on everything 8.1 but its release is in October.

  • Gerald,

    I used the Exam Ref book, plus trial subscriptions to Pluralsight & CBT Nuggets.  The latter have just added a new video series in the last day or two for 70-687.  I didn't have time to get through all of the videos, but between those & the book I was able to pass. Also, the Technet articles mentioned in the Exam Ref book are useful.

  • Thanks a lot for the info I will definitely check out pluralsight, and I think A friend of mine has all the CBT nuggets on 70-687 but ad far as I knew they hadn't updated content to 8.1.

  • check out cbt nuggets they just updated to 8.1 and you get a free week of videos you can cover them all within 3 days and review

  • I tried to sign up with CBT Nuggets and their website is too glitchy to even let me sign up for a trial