Special Certification Offer for WPC 2014 Attendees

Special Certification Offer for WPC 2014 Attendees

Melissa Bathum

It wouldn’t be an amazing Microsoft event if we didn’t offer free stuff – and who doesn’t like free stuff? So here’s the deal:  if you’ve registered to attend the Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington DC, you’re in luck! For a limited time, all Microsoft partners can update their competencies with one of three exam voucher offers created exclusively for WPC 2014 attendees.

UPDATE: Here's the link to purchase your discounted exam vouchers: https://www.microsoft.com/learning/mpn/

Here are the offer packages available to you:

BUY 10, GET 20 + 2ND SHOT

Purchase ten (10) competency exams at full price and receive twenty (20) competency exam vouchers with 2nd shot attached to each exam


Purchase five (5) competency exams at full price and receive eight (8) competency exam vouchers with 2nd shot attached to each exam


Purchase 1 competency exam at 15% off plus get one free Second Shot

Purchase all exam vouchers online through August 31, 2014. Exam vouchers are valid for qualifying Microsoft competency exams listed HERE. All exams must be taken by December 31, 2014. Please allow 5 days to set-up an account with Prometric if not already a member. Qualified exams limited to the competency exam listed in link above.

If you are a registered attendee or plan to be, information will be coming to you shortly!

RSVP for the Learning Partner Reception!

Join your peers and the folks from the Microsoft Learning Experiences team at the annual Learning Partner Reception, held Monday this year, July 14 at 8:00pm at the Daughters of the American Revolution building in Washington DC. Kindly RSVP to secure your space today.


  • John Deardurff (MCT Regional Lead - Eastern US)

    Stupid Question alert. If I buy the 10 + 20... Do I have to take all 30 exams or can I pass the vouchers on to other employees.

  • Melissa Bathum

    Hi John - not a stupid question at all!

    You will not be required to take all the exams yourself (that's a lot of testing!). But perhaps this could use some additional clarification:

    So basically the way it works is:  for the first offer you would purchase 10 out of pocket, and get 10 additional exams free, for a total of 20 exams - and all of the 20 will have Second Shot. Make sense?

    Offer 1:  BUY 10, GET 20 + 2ND SHOT (for a total of 20 exam vouchers)

    Offer 2:  BUY 5, GET 8 + 2ND SHOT (for a total of 8 exam vouchers)

    Offer 3:  BUY 1, GET 15% OFF + 2ND SHOT (for a total of 1 exam voucher)

    Here's a full FAQ for additional information. The official redemption page with full instructions will go live shortly and I'll publish it here.


    Do I have to be a WPC attendee to purchase this offer? What if the offer link is passed to a non-attendee?

    - The WPC attendee registration list will be used to verify purchase eligibility.

    What competency exams qualify for this offer?

    - List of qualified exams located at: www.prometric.com/.../List-of-Exams.aspx

    - Any combination of the exams in the list can be taken with the WPC offer.

    Where will information on this be at WPC?

    - Please stop by the MPN booth and look for the Microsoft Learning kiosk.

    Who can redeem the vouchers?

    - These vouchers can be distributed to and redeemed by the employees and consultants of the MPN partner to take a Microsoft Certification exam to fulfill their competency requirements.

    Is there a cap on the number of vouchers I can purchase?

    - There is a cap of 100 vouchers. However this cap can be lifted with the approval of your Microsoft rep.

  • Nic_AUS

    Hi Melissa,

    What is the link to purchase the exam vouchers?



  • DavidEPatrick

    I did this last year and it was awesome! Not only is this the best discount around (better even than my MCT discount), but it made it really easy for my developers to take exams (previously they paid for them themselves and got reimbursed, but this way we just handed out vouchers).

    The timeliness of the exam vouchers also served to get everyone in gear. Thanks for this!

  • Melissa Bathum

    Hi Nicole - the web page for the offer should be live soon - just a couple more bugs to work out. I'll post the link when it's live.

  • Michel Oliveira

    Just amazing, thank you Microsoft.

    Studying a lot to earn my MCSD Web Apps (Only MVC and Azure certifications are missing)... :)

  • aconto

    Good morning Melissa,

    1o) from that date can purchase the certification exams?

    2o) I can give to my clients?

    Atte, Angel

  • Melissa Bathum

    Hi Angel -

    Thanks for the question. The offer is for your employees so they may be certified and ready to go! The landing page from Prometric will be live this week and should help to answer all the great questions you guys are asking here.

    As soon as the link is live, I'll post it immediately - the FAQ on it and Terms and Conditions should be valuable at that point.

    Stay tuned!


  • mmyers7

    I cannot attend the entire conference - I can only attend one day - does that still qualify to get the vouchers?  

  • Melissa Bathum

    Hi everyone -

    Good news! The site for the voucher options is officially live: www.microsoft.com/.../mpn

    I've seen some questions come through regarding usage - this site should assist with those questions. I did see the latest question about qualification: so long as you are an official registrant of WPC 2014, you will have access to these offers.



  • Nic_AUS

    Hi Melissa,

    That is great news!

    Probably another silly question - but what are the prices for each of those packs?  I can see the discount mention but not the total price for each option?