New MOS 2013 Demo Videos

New MOS 2013 Demo Videos

Wendy Johnson (MSL)

A couple months ago we announced and launched our first MOS 2013 exams in a new and improved project-based exam format. You can read all the details here. If you're an anxious test taker like myself, you may want to check out a couple new videos! These videos demonstrate how the new exam works, as well as answer questions we know are on many candidates' minds such as how long will the exam take, how will I know if I pass, what if the exam crashes, and more.

The first video, viewable via this link located on the Microsoft MOS web page, features a 6 minute news desk format Q&A discussion and demo of key changes in the exam experience. The second video, viewable via this YouTube link and the Certiport MOS video web page under Exam Preparation, features a 6 minute video that navigates you through the new MOS exam interface, highlighting key tips and tricks you'll want to know for success taking your exam.

Check out the listing of and exam objectives for all the MOS 2013 exams here, which are rolling out over the next five months. Ready to take the exam? Click here to find a test center via our MOS exam provider, Certiport.

Happy testing!


    Hi, Many thanks for you to share this important information with us all. I am currently based in Hongkong and would to sit for MOS EXCEL 2010 or 2013 soon. Honest, I am new to it, thereby wonder where can I find the related updated training materials, had better distance learning/online learning, as it would be much more convenient for me to arrange my work and life.  Thanks a lot.

    Miss Sara